Real Estate in Central PA
Alexis Thompson


Are you thinking about
buying a home?

There’s a big checklist to go over when buying a home: school rankings, traffic patterns, noise level, Walk Score, crime rates. When you throw in competing buyers, possible multiple offers and lender requirements, the process can be overwhelming. But there’s no reason to go it alone.

That’s where I come in. As your local agent, I’m here to help you every step of the way. Whether you’ve just started thinking about buying a home or have already decided to take the leap, give me a call. Let’s see what’s possible.

Offer Process:

  1. Find a home you love and write as soon as possible to stay out of a multiple offer situation.
  2. Offer a starting price and negotiate from there.
    1. Unless multiple offers, then you go in at your highest and best.
  3. Offer ACCEPTED!
  4. Send in Earnest Money.
    1. This is a good faith upfront payment, credited back to you at closing, which means you are serious about purchasing this home.
  5. Bank & Closing Company are sent executed contracts.
    1. Apply for loan with lender.
  6. Inspections
    1. There are several types of inspections: General Home Inspection, Pest/Insect Inspection, Radon Inspection and many more.
  7. Appraisal
    1. Bank will send out an appraiser to make sure the value is the same as the purchase price.
  8. Loan Commitment
    1. The bank has approved your loan and we are ready to close.
  9. Closing
    1. The Closing Company has looked into the home’s past to verify that there are no “clouds” meaning liens or other issues that may affect you now or in the future with your ownership. According to the contract the seller has to sell you a Marketable Title.
    2. They have made a new Deed with you name on, which will be recorded at the courthouse following your signature.
    3. They also finalize the how much each party is bringing to the closing table, in the form of a Cashiers Check or Wired Funds.
  10. HOMEOWNER!!!
    1. You can now move in and create new memories with you, your family, and friends.